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3 reasons why gifting your mother a Keepsake Book is the Best Gift for Mother's day 2022

Material gift fades, not her keepsake book.

When is the last time you gifted your mother a meaningful gift ? I understand you!

Every year, it is more and more difficult to find original gift ideas, and most often we find ourselves on Amazon looking for gifts for the home like decoration or products for the kitchen... and these items break one day or another...

Why not change this trend this year with a gift that will last for years and even generations? A keepsake book of your mother’s life story will never fade or break, and will be cherished through the generations.


Because your mother have a lot of stories to tell

Whether we admit it or not, there is a lot that we don’t know about our mothers. 

You might think you know everything about her childhood… how she met your father and what was her favorite sport.. But, you will surely learn a lot of things you never heard about her history.

By inviting your mother to reply to 121 questions about her life on our platform, she’ll have the opportunity to write about all the details of her life. And you will get to learn a lot of new stories.


Because time goes by

Inviting your mother to write about her story is precisely the chance of leaving a mark through time, and the assurance that your family members will remember her and honor her memory through the generations. It is the ability to travel through time by creating a bond between her, as she is today and future generations who will read her story.

That’s exactly why we have created My Life in a Book, to help parents and grandparents write about their lifestory easily, even if they’re feeling short of inspiration or uncomfortable with technology.

2022 Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to give her the most meaningful gift you can give. Get $10 off for your first order with the discount code “MOTHER”. Limited time offer. Click here to give her a My Life in a Book subscription.

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