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The Story of Your Life Is Worth Sharing

Discover how to write a book about your life containing your life stories and share your personal memoir with loved ones.

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My Life in a Book makes it easy to write your own story in less than a year through our weekly prompts.

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How Does our Story Prompt Program Help You Write The Story of Your Life

Exciting & Fast Way to Write Your Life Story

Many people would love to write their life story, but fear they don’t know how or their life just isn’t interesting enough. Our innovative platform solves that problem through our question prompts, which enable you to pin point the best moments of your life to write about.

Pass Your Timeless Lessons & Memories onto Future Generations

You’ve gone through a lot in your life, and you’ve learned a lot of precious lessons. Don’t let all that experience go to waste without sharing it with future generations. With a My Life in a Book subscription you can preserve your legacy and pass your wisdom to future generations.

Make It Easy to Share Your Progress With Loved Ones

After you write a story and add an image, you can choose to share it instantly by email with your loved ones, with just a button click. This enables you to keep your loved ones updated about the progress of your book and reconnect with them through out the process – not to mention that it keeps you accountable and helps you complete the project!

A Customized Book With Your Life Stories, Memories, and Lessons

At My Life in a Book we believe that every person has a story worth sharing. Many struggle to put it into words and build it into a book, so we’ve decided to help you do it all for less than a good restaurant meal with your family.

My Life in a Book

Our standard price of $99 includes a 1-year long subscription to enable you to write your story through our platform along with a premium keepsake book in lively colors in A5 format (5.83” × 8.27”) that will contain all the stories and images you share. It’s easy and convenient to carry around, and even gift to loved ones. Additional physical copies cost only $30, making them affordable to share with everyone you want.

Every Monday you will receive one question prompt to help you decide what to write about. You will write your story, and add an image for each question – then you also have the option to email the story to your loved ones immediately after you’ve written it. This makes sharing on the go easy, and you’ll notice that those close to you will start asking for more details about your life when you meet them – they’ll want to learn even more about you!

Once you’ve answered the question you received by email, you can choose to answer more from our list on the platform, or wait for next week’s question, as you wish. This process helps keep you accountable, and naturally breaks down the big goal into a series of small steps, that makes it easy for you to execute on. Before you know it, the full book will be written 😊

And if you feel anxious about your writing ability, don’t worry – we have a short 1-hour long creative writing course that will teach you how to edit your stories so that they are engaging and a pleasure to go through.

We’ve designed our platform so that the information you enter is encrypted, which means that only you can access and read what you write – ensuring you have full privacy. The final book can be up to 428 pages long and is 100% customizable. You get to decide when sufficient questions have been asked and answered.

Six attractive templates are available to create a cover that reflects your personality. All you have to do is add your name, a title and a photo, and the book will be ready for printing.

The My Life in a Book experience is risk-free, with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied by the experience or the result, simply send us an email and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.


1% of the sales will be donated to the Alzheimer's Foundation of America
Free Delivery
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5 example questions

Do you have a funny memory of your siblings?

How did you spend time in nature as a child?

Do you have a childhood secret you never told your parents?

What makes a person good, in your opinion?

What is one of the greatest challenges you’ve overcome?

My Life in a Book Makes It Easy To Write Your Own Personal Memoir

Our Own Story

At My Life in a Book we are driven by our vision – namely that every person on Earth has a valuable story to share with future generations. You may not feel like a writer or someone with an especially interesting life, but don’t let that hold you back. We’ve built this platform so that literarily anyone has the tools they need to write their personal memoir and learn how to write a book about their life.

And doing so is one of the most rewarding experiences both for yourself and for your loved ones and future generations. Many great stories get taken away from us by old age or by death. When that happens, our experience is forever lost. However, when you write down your story then your memories, legacy, and life lessons can be preserved for the future.

Everyone’s life experience is unique. We started My Life in a Book when our founder Kareem wanted to help his own mother write her personal memoir. From the very beginning the platform was designed to make the whole process feel easy and like a breeze. No anxiety. No panic about what to write. No worries.

It has been our experience with thousands of happy customers and their families that writing your personal memoir helps you relieve your best memories and reconnect on a deeper level with your loved ones. It is a gift you can pass onto them, and a way to always remain close to their hearts. Conversations will happen around the dinner table about your stories, and your loved ones will have a chance to learn more about you. This brings the whole family closer.

Every decision we’ve taken, from the premium materials used, to the personalized covers have had one single aim: to make it easy for you to write your story and to leave a permanent legacy. We believe this is one of the most meaningful activities you can engage in. And your family would certainly love hearing and holding your life stories inside their hands.

My Life in a Book
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