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Our standard price of $99 includes a 1-year long subscription to enable you to write your story through our platform along with a premium keepsake book in lively colors in A5 format (5.83” × 8.27”) that will contain all the stories and images you share. It’s easy and convenient to carry around, and even gift to loved ones. Additional physical copies cost only $30, making them affordable to share with everyone you want.

Every Monday you will receive one question prompt to help you decide what to write about. You will write your story, and add an image for each question – then you also have the option to email the story to your loved ones immediately after you’ve written it. This makes sharing on the go easy, and you’ll notice that those close to you will start asking for more details about your life when you meet them – they’ll want to learn even more about you!

Once you’ve answered the question you received by email, you can choose to answer more from our list on the platform, or wait for next week’s question, as you wish. This process helps keep you accountable, and naturally breaks down the big goal into a series of small steps, that makes it easy for you to execute on. Before you know it, the full book will be written 😊

And if you feel anxious about your writing ability, don’t worry – we have a short 1-hour long creative writing course that will teach you how to edit your stories so that they are engaging and a pleasure to go through.

We’ve designed our platform so that the information you enter is encrypted, which means that only you can access and read what you write – ensuring you have full privacy. The final book can be up to 428 pages long and is 100% customizable. You get to decide when sufficient questions have been asked and answered.

Six attractive templates are available to create a cover that reflects your personality. All you have to do is add your name, a title and a photo, and the book will be ready for printing.

The My Life in a Book experience is risk-free, with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied by the experience or the result, simply send us an email and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.