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Capture the Life Story of Your Parents

One email at a time, have their story printed and preserve their memories forever.

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My Life in a Book is like having a year of meaningful conversations with your loved one.

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Why Gift Our Story Prompt Program

Fun way to get to know your parent better

Using our questions (or your own), your relatives will never feel stuck about writing their story or forget to mention important moments. In addition, you’ll get to learn more about them in a fun and entertaining way.

Timeless memories passed on to future generations

Save their memories, experiences, and life lessons for future generations so they’re never forgotten. Preserving the legacy of your loved ones will show them how much you care and how much they mean to you!

Connect with your loved ones on a deeper level

Reconnect with your parents or grandparents in the present and spark meaningful conversations weekly, helping you deepen your relationship.

Your Customized Book of Life

Your story printed in a beautiful book personalized by you!

My Life in a Book

The standard price of $79 includes a 1-year Story Prompt Program along with a premium book in lively colors in A5 format (5.83” × 8.27”) that will slip easily into your bag to take with you everywhere. Additional copies cost only $30, making them affordable to share with everyone in the family.

You get to choose the starting date when your relative will receive the gift (it can be on their birthday for example) and the program begins from that date. Afterwards, your parent or relative will receive every Monday a question, to help them write their life story. There is no hurry, as information they enter is confidentially stored in our database and encrypted, so that only you and them have access to it.

The book can be up to 428 pages long and is 100% customizable. You get to decide when sufficient questions have been asked and answered. Photos can also be added to each story, and the book can be customized to their liking.

Six attractive templates are available to create a cover that reflects your relative's personality. All they have to do is add their name, a title and a photo, and their book will be ready for printing.

Free 7-day delivery with step-by-step order tracking so you know where your order is at all times. Great care is taken so that the contents of the book remain confidential during transport.

The My Life in a Book experience is risk-free, with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. If for any reason you or your relative are not satisfied by the experience or the result, simply send us an email and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.


1% of the sales will be donated to the Alzheimer's Foundation of America
Free Delivery
Secured Checkout
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

5 example questions

Do you have a funny memory of your siblings?

How did you spend time in nature as a child?

Do you have a childhood secret you never told your parents?

What makes a person good, in your opinion?

What is one of the greatest challenges you’ve overcome?

Why My Life in a Book is the Perfect Gift for Parents

Meet the founder

Hi, I’m Kareem and I launched My Life in a Book to help every parent share their life story in a way that no detail is forgotten.

The idea of creating this website came to me one evening in the fall of 2020. That night, my mother confided in me that she was afraid that with age she might forget some details of her life that she would like to share with me and her grandchildren. Despite the fact that we saw each other every weekend, I realized that night that I had rarely been able to talk with her about her life story.

I therefore started sending her a question about her life every Sunday. And that's how the 121 questions on the platform were born.

Through her answers, I learned a lot about her that I could have never learned otherwise... her childhood love for volleyball, the hardships she faced during college, and so much more! It truly felt like I was getting to know her for the first time.

I had the idea of organising these answers into a thick, durable, and glossy keepsake book, with large, easy to read text that would forever hold her memories.

I was happy to witness the joy on my mother's face every time she finished a new section of her book.

What I hadn't anticipated at all was the reaction of my siblings when they received the book as a gift. I had rarely seen them so moved; they said that by each having a copy, it was as if they could keep a little part of our mother with them at all times.

Reading the book brought us all together as siblings, encouraged us to discuss our childhood memories, and allowed us to reconnect with our family identity and values.

This experience led me to realize that millions of parents around the world probably have similar stories that they would like to pass on so that they are never forgotten.

My Life in a Book was born, and the rest, as they say, is history!

My Life in a Book
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